An Evening at The Canyons

Part of what we love about life at Soirée Productions is the fabulous venues that we are surrounded by. We’ve become almost spoiled with amazing resorts that feature stunning views, the best snow you could ever ask for, and some of the most luxurious spas that we’ve ever experienced.  Beyond that, the resorts in Park City are home to mouthwatering and exquisite restaurants. When it comes to food, us ladies at Soirée Productions definitely have our preferences.

Just recently, we were invited by Brooke Hafets, Romance Director of  The Canyons, to experience the great dining that The Canyons has to offer. Of course, we joined her for an evening of cuisine delight.

The Canyons has a number of great places to grab a bite to eat, but we wanted to focus on choices that we could share with our fabulous clients and their guests. Brooke chose three of the 14+ restaurant choices at The Canyons to share with us.

We began our tour at  The Alpine House. This choice is perfect for a more intimate group. We loved it because it was cozy and at the same time sophisticated and eclectic. The menu is great, served along side a fabulous bar. All of the cuisine is cooked on a wood fired brick oven. We chose to have just a snack, of delicious cheeses, fruit and sliced meat. We wish we could have stayed for our entire dinner, and the ambiance would be perfect for that. The Alpine House is perfect for a reception style event, rehearsal dinner, or other less formal event.

Next, we moved onto Red Tail Grill. Brooke suggested the Sangria, which I believe is one of my new favorites, by far. She also suggested that we try the Buffalo Short Rib Nachos. Of course, we ordered Brooke’s suggestion, and we will never regret it. The Buffalo Short Rib Nachos were everything you dream they would be: tender, juicy and the perfect salsa to top it off. Simply nacho perfection. Brooke also suggested that we try the Crab Tostada, the Southwestern Cheeseburger, and the Grilled Steak Salad. We knew we had to save enough room for the next food stop, we will definitely try those the next visit…

Last on the list for the evening, but certainly not the least, was the new addition to The Canyons, The Farm. This new space recognizes Chef Murcko and is committed to local flavors as well as sustainable food. With a completely elegant presentation, and unique menu choices, The Canyons caters to a personal choice and belief of many by offering a restaurant with a commitment such as The Farm.

The wine list is impeccable, and the Sommelier even brought in an incredible red blend that he personally drinks at home(it was divine, by the way).  The décor and the staff of The Farm provide for a relaxing dining experience in a modern space with a fine feel to every moment of your experience.

After a fabulous dinner at The Farm, and finish to our evening of taste, we decided that The Farm is a great place for a  slightly more formal dinner party, and that the separation of the well-endowed bar and the dining area provides for plentiful space for a larger amount of guests.

While waiting for our car at valet, we could not stop talking about how excited we were about our experience. Brooke provided the excellent host, and The Canyons provided fabulous dining. We are excited to share our evening with you, and hope that you are inspired to experience dining at The Canyons for yourself.